Academic System

Dayapuram College believes in customizing the syllabus provided by the University of Calicut by giving extra sessions around the topic both by the faculty members and by resident and visiting experts. Titled, Academic Growth Plan, development of interested and hard working students are monitored through tutorial sessions. In addition to this, students who come into college without a proper foundation are given compulsory additional sessions under the scheme, Student Integration Plan. Students are strongly advised to participate in these schemes. The timings for these sessions will be found from extra sessions and compensatory sessions. The spirit of learning, growth and cultural enrichment is the basis of Dayapuram College. Students are required to make good use of the library, online facilities and scholarly opportunities. Just and transparent feedback mechanism is instituted with the purpose of ensuring a good work culture. 

The college works from Monday to Friday. College will function on Saturdays as and when need arises to conduct extra lectures, tutorials or compensatory classes. The college timing will be from 9.15 am - 3.30 pm. Holidays for the year will be mentioned in the college calendar.

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