ONV Memorial Dayapuram Geetham Park 

Built as a spatial representation ofDayapuram Geetham, written by O. N. V. Kurup, the park is a space for students to hang out, teachers to take sessions and hold discussions. 


The space that brings out the nature’s blessings in Dayapuram, maavinchuvadu, again 

is built as a student hang out and space for cultural events. 

College Library, Reading Room and Internet Facility 

College library and reading room are key to Dayapuram College and should be made 

best use of, as per the rules. The college also gives free internet facility to the students 

for academic purposes. 

Computer and Physics Lab 

Well equipped laboratories of college provide the required technical infrastructure 

and facilitate academic training in Physics and Computer.


A canteen that serves nurtitious food to staff and students functions in the campus

Gandhi Hostel

There is a well furnished hostel that accommodates students. The hostel also houses faculty members who serve ad wardens and there is amahostel matron as well to look after the students.

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