Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Committee

Dayapuram Arts and Science College for Women has an Anti-ragging Committee which comprises senior faculty members and representatives from students. The anti- ragging committee works with the aim to achieve a ragging free campus.


  • To make students understand about the importance of “Ragging free Campus” 

  • To organize various programmes to create awareness among the students.

  • To make sure that there are no issues related to ragging in the campus.

  • To develop an efficient monitoring system for the students to register complaints in cases of any ragging issues.


  • There are various awareness programme conducted for the freshers to explain them with the addition of the various anti-ragging measures, what constitutes ragging and the consequences to be faced.

  • Awareness programmes on Anti Ragging/ Rally campaigns are being conducted by our NSS unit periodically.

  • Banners and Display boards with the notifications about the importance of anti-ragging and the administrative actions in the event of ragging are displayed around the campus

  • A team comprising the members of faculty members from all departments and students are constituted to work under the leadership of the head of the team.





Sudhesna P Sundar

HOD Commerce Department


Sruthi P

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce 


Seetha Lakshmi 

HOD, Department of English


Dr.Archana J.N

HOD, Department of Computer Science


Sreeshma P.V

HOD, Department of History.

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