Women’s Cell

Women’s Cell

In pursuance of the directions issued by the UGC & MHRD, Dayapuram Arts and Science College for Women has set up the Women Development Cell which aims at maiking students aware of their rights and duties and to promote events supporting women empowerment. It also provides a platform for Women to share their experiences/views about gender inequalities and social status and suggests ways to empower themselves. Its goal is the overall development of our students in all spheres of their life.


  • To increase awareness of women related to social justice, health, employment and gender related matters.

  • To develop skills among girls by providing training sessions and workshops.

  • To help students to realize female potential. 

  • To provide and maintain a dignified, congenial working environment for students & women employees including teaching & non teaching staff, where they can study, work 

& explore their potential to the fullest.


  • Awareness class related to various issues of women to create awareness among students on the issues relating to gender inequality, sexual harassment and suggested ways to empower women.

  • Organizes interactive sessions for students, where they can openly discuss all their problems related to gender inequality.

  • Awareness classes on necessity of menstrual cup & breaking the taboo related to menstruation.

  • International Women’s Day Celebration with wide variety of programmes.

  • Effective maintenance of installed sanitary napkin vending machines & incineration units by students of women’s cell.

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