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Departmental Libraries

Every department of the college has a subject oriented sectional library. The Head of the Department is in charge of the stock, issue and return of books.


 Students & Faculty                                 : 8.30  am to 4.30  pm


  1. Students are allowed to carry only blank sheets of paper and pen with them to the library.

  2. Personal articles such as bags, books, umbrellas, files, mobile phones etc are not allowed in the library and should be kept outside before entering the library.

  3. Strict silence is to be maintained in the library and its premises.

  4. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library.

  5. All the students and staff of the college are members of the library and have free access to books and journals. They are expected to follow all the rules of the library .

  6. Ordinarily, books will not be issued to non-members. In an exceptional case the Principal may permit non members to have access to the library or to borrow books on such terms as the Principal determines.

  7. Students are entitled to borrow books on the production of ID Cards. 

  8. Registration should be completed to become a library member prior to using the library resources.

  9. For taking books from the Library, students must bring their ID Cards. The ID Cards should be shown at the library counter before selecting the books. 

  10. Only four books at a time are issued from the library. They must be returned within a fortnight. Reference books will not be issued.

  11. Students failing to return books within the prescribed period of time should pay a fine of Re I/- per day on each book.

  12. The borrower should examine the book issued to them and any damage or defect of any sort, if noticed, should be reported to the librarian before leaving the counter.

  13. All documents or books borrowed from the library by the students, and the members of the Staff should be returned on or before the last working day of the academic year or on the date fixed by the librarian.

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