The idea of a Residential College in Dayapuram

Dayapuram Arts & Science College for Women assigns a great deal of importance to its residential aspect. Education is the availability of people, ideas and spaces for social growth, skill development and cultural initiation. Learning fundamentally a matter of environment: Dayapuram believes that college students should have the academic, cultural and emotional environment in which they can evolve as ethical, skilled and thinking individuals. Our residence facility offers various avenues towards this end.

1.Tutorial Sessions:

Tutorial sessions are interactive sessions between resident tutors and students where discussions on various topics are held in assigned rooms. Students in small numbers are given extra readings from the subject, based on which presentations/exercises are held. This allows personalization and customization of teaching and learning.

2.Residence Library:

Availability of books and audio-visual materials in the room next door allows easy access of learning materials and adds to the learning environment.

3.Common Spaces:

Debate, discussions and socialization are important for understanding and intellectual growth. Residence has common rooms for both students and faculty to facilitate such conversations.

4.Recreational Spaces:

Dedicated room for indoor games, badminton, table tennis and gardening allow students to spend their recreational time effectively. Limited and judicious access to TV is also part of this.

5.Clubs & Outings:

As venues to explore the literary and artistic aptitude of students, student-run clubs function in the hostel, channelizing their interest in painting, song, photography, literature and cinema. Guided trips to several spaces, historically important places and areas of humanitarian concerns are also embedded in the system.

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